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design testing

November 12, 2005 Comments Off on design testing

testing design, I think I got the black line to disappear and change the title a little to match Monica’s personality and deleted one of the frogs, oops lets try that again, damn I screwed it up, guess it time to get off the computer and go out, fixed it

Testing Frog Design

November 9, 2005 Comments Off on Testing Frog Design

testing new theme for monica – a frog theme, now all we need to do is get her to switch to Radio 🙂 test2 last test, then time for bed tweaking thoughts/to do/to finish on design center right column fix font sizes create frog permalink graphics figure out how to get the black line from …

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Designing personalized blog themes

May 27, 2005 Comments Off on Designing personalized blog themes

maybe designing a theme for a women is easier than for a man (both of whom I’ve never met) I felt kinda of bad that I couldn’t get the right idea going for Coyote Gulch but somehow for the Beauty Dish, its all coming together nicely. Gripes from the Grumpy Girl was another theme that …

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The Marble Theme

April 4, 2005 Comments Off on The Marble Theme

Created a new category for designs – theme designs since I’m using the newbie theme design category for whomever I’m creating a theme for at the moment… (also trying to will away this migrane before I go to bed – otherwise I won’t be able to sleep) trippy..needs some tweaking but I like it

HTML Codes

April 12, 2003 Comments Off on HTML Codes

Actually the best HTML code reference I have found is on WebMonkey However whenever you change your text in Radio, the source code for: font color looks like this <FONT color=blue>Font Color </FONT> bolding looks like this:   <STRONG>BOLD</STRONG> italizing looks like this:  <EM>ITALIC</EM> which are some of the codes that I use when changing my font colors or …

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