June 3, 2004 Comments Off on Hi

My name is bored. What is your name?
I’m hungry, ambition and drived to succeed and you want to know why?
because my name is bored, beyond bored
i’m tired of looking for a job everyday on the internet
and when i do get a call
i usually have no idea what I applied for
because I’ve applied for some many damn jobs
how many ways can i come up creatively to tell you why you should hire me
instead of the other millions of people that are also looking for a job
why me? why not them? because I’m hungry, ambition and bored?
and i’m going mad, mad I tell you, mad as a marble
i need to get out, get away from the computer, get out of the house
before i lose my mind, its gone, just plain gone,
the winky tinky light is losing it
where did the winky tinky spinky dinky light go?
sailing up, up, up and away

hi, my name is bored, what is your name?

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