free writing: see how the butter flies

April 10, 2004 Comments Off on free writing: see how the butter flies

see how the butter flies
whimiscal images float in my mind
butter doesn’t fly but that what came to mind
and i laughed
seeing the world in mysterious shapes and shimmers
growing plants in the mind
the earth is a mysterious creature
she shows only the beauty that can be seen by the wandering eye
the peace of the mind will show you the mysterious of her nature
shimmering energy can be seen
its the magic within us all
dreamscapes are part of the present, future and past
we live only to breath
the air of the moment
the magic floating through our mind’s eye
as the beauty of the heavens above
search for the wanderer, the seerer of the energy
where do you find this within you
is it there all the time?
shimmering, floating, energy
while butter flies

and i laughed

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