the insanity of nutworld

July 10, 2003 Comments Off on the insanity of nutworld

wind whispering through her hair
sadness tearing in her eyes
trust completely disappearing
from her soul
she just doesn’t care anymore

cold indifference
seems like a happy attitude
to a fool

funny it seems
he can’t tell the difference
between love and hate

dodging the yo-yo rings of false hope
rationalizing the maybes and the reasons not to fade
completely out of their lives

jumping through emotional warehouses
to what end, your health
your life

the dark pours into the light
the way out is through the tunnel
you must pull your free
from the jungle of the terrible twos

the rumor mongers incestuously playing the game
seeking the dirty playground of hate
delving into the depths of insanity
that is nutworld

how long do you hold on
at what cost do you stay
how long do you continue to torture your soul
at what point is it ENOUGH!

the breakdown is near
she can feel the end is coming
the light is there
just beyond her reach

only a few more moments
time fading
the constraints
releasing her
from the insanity of nutworld

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