Analyzing my horoscope for the week of June 22 thru June 28

June 25, 2003 Comments Off on Analyzing my horoscope for the week of June 22 thru June 28
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At the start of the week Mercury is conjunct Venus and face to face with Pluto, eyeballing each other across the cosmic table. This opens the way for a little creative and transformative talking (ok I sorta of see this..the week is getting progressively better and more creative) It could turn a sticky situation into a much-improved one, or make a good one really great. (sticky situation..hmm, almost told the VP of sales what he could do with himself and almost walked out..almost but didn’t)
If you are about to form a new partnership, this could be a crucial phase that decides whether it all goes ahead or not. (hmm..I wonder is this about my interview or my personal life)
Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces, which is bringing the rebel out in you with regard to your career and major goals. Somehow you don’t feel like you can bear to conform any longer. The way things have been going, life on the job has become boring and very repetitive. Yet Saturn in Cancer is also making you worried about your financial security, so you hardly feel like resigning and going with the flow. Somewhere between these two extremes you need to find the right balance. (back to the sticky situation and me almost walking out and quitting today..yes, definetly a rebel attitude. so very tired of conforming to the crap in the office but I can’t afford to quit without another job)
Jupiter in Leo gives you more than enough encouragement to speak up and speak out. As it moves closer to trining Pluto, you still have time to take that bold and decisive step in the right direction. (yes, have an interview next week..)
There is even the promise of romance in the air – so have fun! (hmm..wondering where this is leading..til next week)
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