April 12, 2003 Comments Off on HTML Tips

Now that I’ve lost my post twice..once due to an IE error and once to my own fault..third time is a charm.

After using Radio for a couple of months, I’ve noticed there isn’t a whole lot of documentation on how to change text font colors beyond the standard drop down list on a new post. If you are anything like me, I like colors beyond standard such as bright pinks, pastels and sometimes chocolate. I’m not a standard creature..I like different font colors for different sections/text of my posts or stories to express my individuality.

And if you are a newbie to Radio or HTML source code, it can be daunting to look at the source code and figure out where and how to change the color of a section or even a word to something different. It can also be daunting to figure out what the color code is. In Radio they’ve made it simple, the font colors are “darkblue” in the source code which is nice however if you want to change the font color to say chocolate you need to know the color number.

So I thought I write some basic HMTL tips for newbies from a newbie in Radio.

Changing Font Colors on Text

Changing Font Colors on Titles (i figured this out by accident..trial and error)

Basic HTML codes


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