Changing the Look and Feel of Titles

April 12, 2003 Comments Off on Changing the Look and Feel of Titles

I finally figured out how to change the look and feel of my titles for my posts..this was pure accident..I thought maybe I need to insert the HTML tags into the title.

This could be quite confusing if you are a newbie to HTML code…so here is a simple way to create a title inside the WYSIWYG mode of the post and then copy and paste the title into the field/box underneath your post if you have item-level title and link turned on in your preferences in Radio. (the item-level title and link has two text fields that appear on the Desktop Website Home page)

1. Create your title such as “Changing the Look and Feel of Titles”

2. Change the font color, make it bold, make it italic, etc… for example:

Changing the Look and Feel of Titles

3. Change to SOURCE mode and look at the code for your title, here is what I got:

<FONT color=#8080c0><STRONG><EM>Changing the Look and Feel of Titles</EM></STRONG></FONT>

4. Copy and paste this code into the Title Box

Now you have italized, bolded and changed the color of your title

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