karma’s a bitch

December 11, 2013 1 Comment

so this guy that’s been harassing me on every merchant site that he can find such as yelp, yext, switchboard, merchant circle has now gone as far as sending 5 emails to the Concord Chamber of Commerce and emailing the California Board of Accountancy about me not being a certified public accountant or CPA. Yelp has since pulled down the review for content violation, merchant circle has deleted the review and the Chamber, well, they are a client, so she told me about the 5 emails this guy sent to them. She nevered reply to him and didn’t do anything with the emails.  And the California Board of Accountancy, well, the disclaimer is now up as required and I’ve read the california law about accountants, I’m not in violation of any kind, maybe you should have read the law too. And while you’re out there reading the law, why don’t you look up the difference between an accountant and a CPA, do your homework before you set off to harass someone. I mean if you’re going to harass someone, then you should know what you’re talking about. And just so we’re clear, the kind of harassment that has been going on is akin to defamation of character, think about that one for a minute or two.

By the way, instead of assuming something about someone or a business, how about you call that business and ask them questions instead of harassing them, maybe they accidentally used a website template for accountants and put the wrong information in the sub-header, maybe it was technical error. Maybe they were unaware of the error, a simple email or phone call would have fixed the issue instead of being nasty about it.

Apparently this guy has plenty of time to create fake emails and profiles and harass not only my business but me personally as well, whomever you are, karma’s a bitch! Move on, its not working, every site is pulling down the reviews, its not hurting my business, it’s kind of pissing me off though, I didn’t have time in my schedule to go around chasing reviews from some asshole who is not even my client and its people like you that hurt small businesses, you know nothing about me except for what you assumed and grossly distorted from reading my blogs and yet, you feel the need to try and punish me for having a business?    Hey, I get it, you don’t want me as your accountant. Trust me on this: I don’t want you as a client! Every guy with your name is now suspect, poor people that might have your name are now on my watch list, if that even is your real name.




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    Reading posts like this make surfing such a plaseure