Church on Sunday

September 2, 2013 Comments Off on Church on Sunday

The last thing in the world I thought I’d ever say especially on a Sunday: I’ve gotta go to church

Well, I did have to go to the church but not for the same reason most people go to church and while I was there, I saw the most interesting thing. Their job description – they were hiring for a new office manager and one of their qualifications is: Strong Faith in Jesus Christ manifested in a Christian Lifestyle and witness. What the hell does that mean? Its a damn good thing that wasn’t one of the qualifications for hiring me. Because one I have no idea what that means and two, I’m Pagan.

But back to a moment, why I was in church on a Sunday: hooking up a modem and getting the internet connection up and running again.

It’s a great mission church, the people are extremely nice but I just not into all that jazz. If they believe, more power to them.

But really how does one know that someone has a strong faith in Jesus Christ? and what exactly constitutes a Christian Lifestyle? And how does one know that someone is a witness of Jesus Christ? And I wonder what kind of questions you’d ask someone to figure that out. Or is it just the belief and power that someone applying for the job and working there has those qualifications? Like blinders on that everyone working there  just believes in that sort of thing?

I mean really, Adam has a belly button in most pictures, how exactly is he the first man created by God? And Eve wasn’t the first woman, there was Lilith but she’s never mention in churches, why is that? Because man made the bible, preferring women to be inferior to man. And paganism was around a long time before christianity. I just don’t believe that a man created the earth and that he should be worshipped or that he’s going to make my life all better because I’ve allowed him into my life.  Man didn’t buy my house or pay my bills, I’ve done that all on my own.

And why does Christianity have to go out and recruit people and bring the blessing of Christianity into people’s life anyways, just because my door is open is not an open invitation for bible thumpers to come to my door to give me guidance and their blessing, quite annoying. Who the hell are they anyways to assume that I need God’s blessings?

Anyways, if you believe, more power to you. Great that you believe in something. I don’t think it should be a qualification for a job, no matter which job you’re applying for whether in a church or not, if you got skills that’s what should count, not that you believe in some man to empower you.





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