Fight for the moment of beauty

August 9, 2012 Comments Off on Fight for the moment of beauty

I don’t write often enough, but there are moments when the beauty of leaves is breathtaking, the silent waving of hands, the peacefulness of the silence, just pure meditation of waiting, listening to your own heartbeat. Reality is a journey, that each of must take in our own time and our own path. While we can give advice and hope that its taken with love and understanding, sometimes we hit a wall, not just a brick wall but a stop in your tracks dark stone wall, that black hole of negative space. Every day is hard but when met with a smile and joy, something great is bound to happen, if only you see a butterfly atop a flower or the sun is shining down on your face or you hear the wind whistling, there is always something good in every moment, if only you look up just for a second and see the beauty surrounding you. Depression is horrible thing to deal with. Fight through your pain, fight for that moment of beauty. We can’t make you want to want to see beauty or feel loved, we can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. We can love you and listen to you but only you can fight and break down that wall. Find one good thing that happened each day, write it down. Remember you are loved, there are people that care about you, stop pushing us away. Be honest with yourself. Pitting your loved ones against each other won’t help you climb out of that deep dark well. Reality doesn’t have to be negative or dark, it can be light and airy. Let your spirit soar.

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