through a looking glass

August 13, 2011 Comments Off on through a looking glass

I can’t do it anymore, plans are made and I always feel like I’m the last to know, drop everything I’m doing and make an appearance and then I just sit there and say nothing for 3 hours because if I open my mouth,  no one is really interested in what I have to say or a snide comment will come my way. Why bother, why go home feeling miserable and upset because it happened again and no one cares that they upset me anyways. No one sees the tears about to spill out. I always feel like I’m looking through a glass window watching the action take place but not really being part of the action.  I could have easily stay home and worked and not have been part of the group.

looking through the looking glass, I can see the potential beauty within but I never seem be able to obtain that ideal world, a world where I am more than a mere appearance, a silent statue watching

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