holy crap, I have to move this blog

July 30, 2009 Comments Off on holy crap, I have to move this blog

holy crap, “UserLand has decided to close the Radio UserLand and Salon Radio services as of December 31, 2009”

ok, here’s the thing, I wasn’t notified via email and I don’t check in here often enough nor do I check the discussion boards that much anymore, thank you chris for commenting on it, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. Was Userland plan on telling it customers? I just signed up for another year, are they going to refund me my money for the difference? How about paying me for the time its going to take me to move my whole blog over to another location? Are they going to help people move their blogs somewhere else or just as of 12/31/09, that’s it, see ya later? It just not my blog that’s going to disappear but all my comments as well over the years.

Here’s the official notification but seriously I think sending out a mass email would have been more appropriate than posting it in an obscure location on their site.

I was planning on moving my sexymagick blog over to wordpress and hosting it somewhere else eventually but I thought hell why should I do that, I’m a loyal fan of userland

Now I’m going to have to do it sooner than later and there’s not any real means to extract all my comments and move them over and I’ve gotta start redirecting/putting up links for my accutane journal somewhere..holy crap, that’s like another job in itself to start moving this somewhere else, so much for userland being a loyal fan of its users.

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