Front Tree Area – done

March 22, 2008 Comments Off on Front Tree Area – done

Front Tree Area – yeah finally finished

Moved the potato bush yet again – separated out the dead one and moved the small one that’s struggling to survive, me thinks it doesn’t like to be replanted but it was either that or removed it completely and I like it. And got rid of those weird ferny things – I so did not like them. Planted the strawberries – who knew – they are good ground cover. Moved some of the moss to a shadier area, I guess moss really likes some partial shade and a little more water than it was getting and the Strawberries love full sun. And can not forget to water the pansies or they start to die.

Front Tree Area Before

Front Tree Area Finished

Close up of Strawberries (you might wonder why their random, because I can not plant in a straight line, I can’t cut or draw one either, so why would planting be any


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