little green pods

March 11, 2008 Comments Off on little green pods

who knew..planting and playing in the dirt is actually relaxing, its like stepping away into another world where the phone isn’t ringing, the text messages aren’t popping up constantly and it just being out in the sun and doing a different kind of work….so today, I planted pansies around the tree and then irish moss staggered around the tree, I need more pansies to even it out but so far so good. I had to look up how to plant both pansies and irish moss, someone laughed at me – not mean just in a curious sort of way when I said I had to look up how to plant things – but really how would I know, I’ve never done it before, at least not that I can remember. I can honestly tell you I’ve never planted irish moss before but I like the look of the little green pods and in theory, they are going to spread out 6-8 inches across so it should fill in the tree area quite a bit. Although the potato bush and other strange ferny thing don’t look right now, looks out of place. 

Close up view of planting of pansies and moss with a little mint thrown in

I was a little lost on the whole concept of compost and fertilizer and had no idea what to get at Home Depot so I just grabbed what everyone else was getting, the home depot person told me the potting mix is both compost and fertilizer mixed together and it was perfect for planting – ah ok.

Tommorrow, I start digging holes for the rosemary and lavendar bushes that will go against the front of the house and then planting the lemon balm and peppermint in front of that, and oh yea, the strawberries too- should start to smell delicious outside my office window soon and its all edible flowers and herbs. And this weekend, I’ll plant the orange tree.

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