Step by Step from adding a picture to a folder to insert into your blog.

February 6, 2004 Comments Off on Step by Step from adding a picture to a folder to insert into your blog.

Lets start from the basic basics..and go around the mypictures tool

for example, I have a picture on my desktop on my pc and I want to post that picture on my weblog..

Step 1: Open Radio, you’ll have the radio icon in your system tray..right bottom of screen on XP..right click that icon and open the www folder

Step 2: You’ll see a bunch of folders there. Create a new folder by right clicking in the screen, select NEW > FOLDER, name this folder something like SexyMagicks Pics

Step 3:
Find the picture you want to copy to this newly created folder, right click on the picture and COPY

Step 4: go back to the www folder and open this newly created folder by doubleclicking on it, then right click and PASTE the picture into the folder

Step 5: go to your desktop website page in radio, click on the FOLDER link from the top of the should see a folder called SexyMagick Pics, if you click on that folder from inside the desktop website, you should then see the picture you pasted into the folder inside the www folder. (you might have to wait for the picture to upstream to the radio will work)

Then follow the instructions here on my newbie tips

if you get lost or need help, email me..and we will go through it step by step..don’t give does work.. I found the mypictures tool to be a little complicated too..but this way should be easier.

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