rune reading 2-2-04

February 2, 2004 Comments Off on rune reading 2-2-04

Past: reversed gyfu – gift

the gift of partnership, the give and take..reversed it means that the gift wasn’t reciporated..the partnership wasn’t real..i see this DE was a gift to me, he showed me what I needed to see and what I needed to see is what I really want in a relationship – the kind of man that I want in my life, in a sense he was like the prototype for the real thing, a trial and error type of period in my life.

Present: lagus – lake

sensitivity to the world around us..i’m awaking to the possiblities, also noticing more than usual..unconscious activities, dreams, the cauldron of love..i’m writing again, the flow of creativity is good..

Future: eoh – yew

lasting endurance you need to survive the ordeals of life..the guts to take the risks of life. it is a time for action, reaching out for the dream of a lifetime, go forward with a sense of purpose, your arrow will hit its mark. Hold true to your values, you’ll find the dream.

Today: asa – god

job promotion, leadership, planning carefully, divine wisdom. The quest for hidden knowledge – the mysteries and hidden secrets that await within yourself. Inspiration is working through your life, perhaps in the seeking of poetic or spiritual mind-states, inner wisdom to attain freedom from illusions.  Think before you speak…..

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