My astrology week in focus

September 28, 2003 Comments Off on My astrology week in focus

..this was a wonderful thing to see today…especially the part about the property…from what I understand and have heard..saturn passing through is the time of paying dues…jupiter is the reward for paying those dues..

Jupiter and Mercury in the section of your chart associated with your home and family, JULIE, will continue to bring you many wonderful experiences that will bring you closer to your loved ones. You may want to show how much you care by doing a few practical things for them. This they will truly appreciate. Opportunities to invest in your property, or in real estate in general, are also very present. Jupiter is in this section of your chart for roughly one year, so use this time to improve your property in a big way. With both Venus and the Sun in the section of your chart associated with fun and pleasure, and let us not forget – love affairs – you will have much to celebrate. This isn’t the time to stay in and rest at home, even if fall is on its way. You are far better off to continue to meet new people and make new contacts. There is a wealth of information out there, which can help you in some very important and significant ways. But do take care when dealing with other people, as there are some powerful emotions around that could knock you off center.

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