Sun Sign & Rising Sign Profile

September 1, 2003 Comments Off on Sun Sign & Rising Sign Profile

Sun Sign is Gemini …

Your sign, Julie, is that of witty Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, the sign that is characterized by communication. Geminis are very intellectual individuals, and are forever interested in broadening their horizon – they are eternal students!

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules your sign, and makes you an articulate and versatile person, Julie. You are outgoing and sociable, and due to your lively attitude, you are the born entertainer. Clever and ingenious, you usually get what you want with your charm and wit.

First of the three air signs, you are a dexterous, multifaceted, and flexible individual. As the most diverse and eloquent sign of the zodiac, you crave mental stimulation above all. Your curiosity, combined with your ability to synthesize information, makes you the messenger of knowledge and information.

As a Gemini, you rule the third house, the sector of your chart that describes how you perceive, process, and communicate facts. It also has to do with short journeys, siblings, neighbors, and anything within arms’ reach.

Julie, you are a mutable sign, responsible for keeping information flowing. You are gifted in adapting to situations and making compromises. Of all the zodiac signs, you are the peacemaker and troubleshooter who actively finds solutions to tricky situations.

Your strengths, Julie, lie in your cleverness, inquisitiveness, and openness to exploring new ideas. Once you have found something that interests you, you proceed with logic and scientific precision. However, as soon as you’ve consumed a subject, you are also able to switch your focus to a new topic. With your naturally practical and skilled approach, you excel in whatever you put your mind to. (this explains alot about I understand why i have 10 different projects going on at once)

One of your main weaknesses is that you can be shallow and hypocritical in your dealings with others. You can confuse people with your unpredictability and cynical attitude, and they might not trust you completely. Since your brain works so quickly, you tend to be nervous, restless, and anxious, which sometimes leaves you highly irritated. (very interesting..I think in general I’ve overcome my weakness)

Your Rising Sign is Cancer …

Cancer Rising, you are a “lunar” personality. That is someone who is emotionally volatile, Julie, with inexplicable mood swings that seem to occur cyclically. In general, you keep a good deal of anxiety inside yourself, especially if you are in doubt about something. Even though you are sensitive, susceptible, and vulnerable on the inside, this may not be apparent because you cover yourself with a hard shell. You don’t like to make waves, and you prefer to stoically endure difficult relationships, rather than taking active steps to find a resolution. You contain a deep inner life, one full of imagination and fantasy, which explains why you are attracted to the eccentric and idiosyncratic sides of other people. (all true..explains the imagination, flow of words, creativity. hard shell – definetly see that about myself)

You are a nurturing and hospitable individual, and are drawn to creating a safe place in your life, which is your home and your family. You are the kind of person who goes back to reconstruct your family tree, and rummages through the attic looking for lost memories or objects of your past. You have a strong need to protect your loved ones, showering them with love and affection. (and I thought I just liked history..hmmm)

Activities such as eating, sleeping, and sexual expression must be regular and satisfying, lest you become moody or irritable. You are loyal in romantic relationships, Julie, even overly sentimental at times, and love unreservedly. The impact you have on other people is considerable. By using your highly empathic sensibilities, you are able to subtly manipulate other people’s feelings and thoughts, usually to make them feel better.

You require an audience, a group receptive to your ideas and emotions, and may feel hurt and rejected if you don’t find one. But in remaining close and loyal to your true friends, you are in a unique position to connect with people, individually and in groups, in meaningful and lasting ways.

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