is it really a rose?

August 18, 2003 Comments Off on is it really a rose?

Ah, cryptic poems require long nights under candlelight, etching under the influence of Absynth. Lying on your back looking at the stars next to your lover.. as the moonlight draws down..reading the depths of their answers floating gently down from the heavens above..questions asked but only time will tell the meanings to the truths of the heart. Music is the strength of our souls as we gently become one in the meaning of our lives. The path of one leads to the path of two as one, sweet dreams in the night, feeling the music dance between our toes as pleasure rises between us giving us our breath upon the soul of the dragon, the tail in the sky. Where does the intertwining of lovers begin? Does it begin with the single rose of understanding? Does it begin with the mutual trust of two uniting again and again and again to feel the strength of one another, to feel the total giving of each other’s heart and soul?

Following the bliss of our dreams as the night sky looks down upon the fates of heaven. Choices leading us to the single rose of a dream, to the heart of the hidden questions, to the dance of the muses. The answers lie hidden beneath our passions as raindrops float on rose petals, kisses on back circling rings on fingers. Ice on the still water while white fires burn brightly deep inside. Fairy-tales singing, tell me your soul, your passions, your loves, your heart. Questions out there, answers waiting for time and space. Candles dancing, circling our imaginations, giving us our inspirations for words and music, letting go, always seeking the passions within as the dove flys in the sky. The winged chariot awaits the charmed harp of the soul, the rose, the kiss.

The kiss of want. The kiss of passion. The kiss of play. The kiss of mine. Where does this lead us? What path are we following? Are the muses showing us the ways in to the path of one? Messages within the powers of the earth, the powers of our souls gathering strength to pursue the path of the dragon. Messages within our beings showing the hidden depths of our soul upon the wizard’s sword. Believe.

Everyday you surprise me with your gifts, the weird little poems left on my fridge, the intellectual being of your soul, the music in your step, the passion of the song dancing in your head. Words dancing through my head exploring the depths of ideas, creating beautiful stirrings of thought. The musing of exploration in the rose, the life, the kiss of passionate embrace. The music of Vangelis as “dreams in an open place” lift the soul of being into the light. Come to me say the angels of light, embrace the question, find the answer within your soul. The message of the cryptic poem.

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