born from scabaret

August 9, 2003 Comments Off on born from scabaret

empower me
show me the way
what do I have to lose?

what good am I?
a slave to the choices
he has made for me
free me

she is a woman
she is free
she is empowered

where do I go from here?
will I always be trapped in the past

in a dimension of reality
that has long since died
are we drones?

what lies behind
the conservative clothes
prepared for our day
in a cube

what lies behind
our mask of corporate
make believe

does anyone really know
the person sitting next to them
the person inside?
what are their fetishes?
what are their passions?
perhaps they like to sing karoke
perhaps they like to dance naked
in the rain

what do they do when set free?
are we drones living in a false reality
work, work, work, work, work, work
work, work, work, work, work, work
watching our friends slowly drown

at what point do we empower ourselves
from this lonely existence

try scabaret and set your mind free

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