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April 13, 2003 Comments Off on Radio Links

Radio Docs – a great place to start – Radio Docs 101
How to add Navigator Links in Radio – this is one of the best places I have found the explains navigator links in Radio  (The Shifted Librarian site)
How to Backup and Restore your Weblog – I haven’t even tried this yet but I should 🙂
How to change the colors in the Radio Menu Links – this one is interesting, not really specific if you’ve never used macros or html
How to use the Outliner – I’m still confused on this one. I’ve tried it a few times and still am confused..maybe someday it will just all make sense and it will work
How to create a blogroll with Radio’s Outliner – I used this one at the beginning and then got side-tracked on other projects, at some point I will go back and use it for mysubscriptions again…however if you used this one and you have navigator links already setup make sure you include the macro: navigator links somewhere in the blogroll..
Using Frontpage with Radio – I think for me this is the way to start trying to change the my theme look and feel in Radio because I’ve used Frontpage..but as recommended on this everything first, backup Radio first and then try it..otherwise you could lose your work..
How to Create a Theme – I’m still not sure about this one..its more complicated than just a basic tutorial on creating a theme..I’ve tried it a few times and lost some of my work
ThemeTool – an add on to Radio that allows you to modify your theme..backup up Radio before trying this one..
Newbie HTML Tips – this is just HTML tips that I created based on my own desires to have different colored fonts.

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