Secret Winds of Heaven Dance

February 2, 2003 Comments Off on Secret Winds of Heaven Dance

Secret Winds fill the air like the mist swirling at her feet

She feels the heat rising upon her breasts as the water flows through the valley.
The slight swelling under her navel as the steam rises from the valley floor.
As the night wind closes around her, her soul reaches out to for her passions
Like a drum beating out the rhythm of her heart,
pounding the salty waves through the burning heat of desire.
Closer and closer she dances to the flame,
twirling and spinning
loosing all inhibitions as she is drawn to the sound of the drums.
The flames leap at her soul calling out to her to let her heart’s desire be known
She is completely breathless.
The mist of the night calling to her in the secret winds of heaven

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