Star Child's Shadows

August 22, 2000 Comments Off on Star Child's Shadows

Dreaming of shadows in the air
Glittering like gold in my mind
The star child of yesteryear
Bound from the underworld
the night on a lunar trail
sparkling throughout the night
here comes the star child

See my dreams floating like shadows
You are my star child
You are my eternity
Fly with me into the heavens
Fly with me into the eternal night
Follow me on my wings of dreams

Dance with wild abandonment in the night
with the angels
Can you hear their voice singing?
Let them fill your dreams

Walk through the mist and fulfill your dreams
with the angel’s voice
See the star child falling from the heavens above
to the dark side where the angels sleep

Shadows of the the dreamworld
She is a witch
from the distant stars
with a gift of light
for all your dreams

Categories : Poetry