a simple way to enter a post-dated post…..

November 15, 2003 Comments Off on a simple way to enter a post-dated post…..

Apparently – this does not work…do not try this…I’ll figure out a work around eventually – doesn’t link to the calendar correctly

I’m sure there are easier ways to do this…but this is the simplest way to create a post-dated entry into your blog without having to understand the macro or how to open the weblogdata.root

in the www folder open the 2003 folder then the month of the folder you want to create a file for…example

www folder
2003 folder
02 folder (feb)

copy one of the current files or just create a text file using notepad with this information:

#flHomePage true
#flArchivePage true
#archiveDate “2003/02/05
<%radio.macros.viewWeblog ()%>

change the #archivedate to the date you want to have the post-dated entry in and and save as the day of the month (ie..05)

with the radio app open, go to the date of the file you just saved on your blog..by entering this in the browser:  or whatever date it is that you created..and you can edit the page, add a post, etc.. then post changes

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