XML and RSS files…

October 31, 2003 Comments Off on XML and RSS files…

Someone asked me a question about the point of XML or RSS files…I answered to the best of my knowledge but if anyone can explain a little better…please comment…

Question: What is the point of the XML (or RSS) files? Can they be edited? Actually the blog seems to operate with HTML, so I haven’t quite got why the XML files are necessary

Userland’s Definition: Radio automatically turns the content on your weblog into a XML feed that can be syndicated and subscribed to by other Radio users.

Here is what I understand about it:

  1. your blog is in HTML format so you can edit and post it but
  2. Radio converts it to XML in the background so that your blog can be read in the RSS format which is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites or blog sites.
  3. You are editing the XML files in a round about way when you edit your blog.
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