I’ve always wanted to work with metals, creating intricate art designs. I work with different medias, exploring new ideas and different ways of creating art, like painting on glass backwards or using a piece of broken furniture as a backdrop for a design, metal is just another media for art, thinking outside the box and behold the creation of metal design. Many of the ideas in my head never work out in the real world but by experimenting with ideas, playing with shapes and forms, another beautiful idea begins to emerge with the shape of the metal. No two pieces will ever be alike, always shifting with the next idea to make it better or easier to work with.  As my imagination is sparked, new thoughts and ideas spring forth. As the metal speaks winding its way through my thoughts, the design unfolds……

 an inspiration of sunlight and fire await the final touches upon the glass, the heart of an artist arriving soon at your doorstep, a coil of light surrounds the beauty of the soul, the touch of a friend, the weavings of a word into the energy that is the essence of who we are. The beginning of an idea emerging from the breathlessness of the imagination to a solid realm of a thought, a coil of light is only the beginning, a magical waking of the heart, the understanding of a gift, to begin the new awakening into the world of art, words and love. Love is a timeless piece of the essence within the heart, a coil of light is the beginning of time………….

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