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Announcing Help Blog [1].

July 22, 2003 Comments Off on Announcing Help Blog [1].

Announcing Help Blog. Announcing Help!Blog! This seems like a really good thing.  Utilizing blogs and newsfeeds, HELP!blog is a vehicle to connect people with needs with people with solutions. It might as be as simple as an easy answer to a question or it might be more significant help to someone’s desparate situation. Either way, …

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Witch School

July 19, 2003 Comments Off on Witch School

Found a great site called Witchy Mom and then other links on her site found Witch School and will probably find more links and more links for Wicca as time goes on and I embrace what I believe, embracing, loving, believing…..

News Article from USA Today about Blogs

July 17, 2003 Comments Off on News Article from USA Today about Blogs

My mom sent me this article that she read in USA Today about blogs…called Welcome to the Blogosphere and I realized that she’s reading my blog occassionally which isn’t a bad thing but its my mom and I know that she knows me but does she know about everything? So since my mom is reading my blog, …

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while the giant sleeps

July 16, 2003 Comments Off on while the giant sleeps

two twins merge on a highland hilltop staring each other down whether to hug or to fight morning dew covering the vast land early springtime sits and waits evaporating through time the essence of battle the stage set for peace the earth singing triumph grace while the giant sleeps

Fairy Dreams

July 13, 2003 Comments Off on Fairy Dreams

(inspired by a song written by a friend) fairy dreams whisper enchanted night sky teddy bears childhood friends dancing in my head lovers walking out new lovers walking in path of life drummers foretold fate, what lives beyond the enchanted night sky


July 13, 2003 Comments Off on UNTITLED

frustration in a glance wondering whether or not the rain will come again missing steps missing the feel of a lover within the haunted door reaching inside the soul talking, laughing, sharing gone to see the wizard’s dreams the dragon’s talon around the fire dancing into the night upon the lake shimmering hidden beneath her …

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the insanity of nutworld

July 10, 2003 Comments Off on the insanity of nutworld

wind whispering through her hair sadness tearing in her eyes trust completely disappearing from her soul she just doesn’t care anymore cold indifference seems like a happy attitude to a fool funny it seems he can’t tell the difference between love and hate dodging the yo-yo rings of false hope rationalizing the maybes and the …

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How to help [1].

July 10, 2003 Comments Off on How to help [1].

How to help. People ask how they can help UserLand. Here’s one way. When someone asks an intelligent question on one of the user mail lists, be sure they get an intelligent answer. Lawrence is totally overloaded and it’s a well-known fact that he can’t get in every loop, although he surely tries. Especially while …

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Scripting News is Down

June 29, 2003 Comments Off on Scripting News is Down

Looking at my news feeds..this seems to be the topic on everyone’s site that I subscribe too…what’s going on…I love reading Dave’s stuff and its gone… I for one would like to see it back up. Wow, Dave took Scripting News down. My wife was the first to see this. She said “that’s so sad, it …

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I realized that this is…

June 29, 2003 Comments Off on I realized that this is…

I realized that this is who I am. I believe in the Wicca religion. I must not be afraid to express my beliefs here or anywhere else. I have a tattos on my back of a the power of three symbol, a dreamcatcher and a moon with three stars – all spiritaul related..I must express …

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