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read between the lines my love

September 1, 2003 Comments Off on read between the lines my love

Read between the lines what do you see?      pleasure me with your music      show me inside your head moving, tasting streaming open desire so delicious enter my world of magick a place of utter delight      making vibrations out into the world     kiss me passionately can you see? play with me     …

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illusions of the heart

August 31, 2003 Comments Off on illusions of the heart

a wing a cry a tear a rip expression of the soul ignites the fear truth pain hurt stupid tears bury it deep deep inside feel no love move on let go beauty of the angels wings of freedom fly my love leave it behind searching how long is too long for no end why …

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remember to shake well

August 22, 2003 Comments Off on remember to shake well

displacing moisture as raindrops on a petal beckon forth the mysterious protection of the pentrating action sliding in and out lubricating the shaft of the bolt saturating the grooves within as it cleans the roughness from the grinding of the machine do you know what I’m talking about?


August 20, 2003 Comments Off on Blogstakes

I like this idea..another great news item that reflects my mood tonight We might already be a winner. Blogstakes is a new promotional site for contests with two winners — the person who entered and the weblog that referred the entrant: So if the prize is a truck, then the winning entry gets a truck …

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windows rules!

August 20, 2003 Comments Off on windows rules!

This is why Windows rules!! This is hillarious.. crash different. I love my Mac so much that I’m happy to share this hillarious anti-mac clip. [via popdex] [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]

is it really a rose?

August 18, 2003 Comments Off on is it really a rose?

Ah, cryptic poems require long nights under candlelight, etching under the influence of Absynth. Lying on your back looking at the stars next to your lover.. as the moonlight draws down..reading the depths of their souls..as answers floating gently down from the heavens above..questions asked but only time will tell the meanings to the truths of the …

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a girl in the wings

August 9, 2003 Comments Off on a girl in the wings

a friend in the night a girl in the wings a life waiting for the magical moment a steel tree born a tear slowly drowning a kiss a need only a friend? :-* emotions running high energies of past influencing feelings reading it wrong guessing without talking didn’t hear all of the comment could have …

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born from scabaret

August 9, 2003 Comments Off on born from scabaret

empower me show me the way what do I have to lose? what good am I? a slave to the choices he has made for me free me she is a woman she is free she is empowered where do I go from here? will I always be trapped in the past in a dimension …

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Book of Shadows [1]

August 6, 2003 Comments Off on Book of Shadows [1]

Book of Shadows The Working Witch Merry Meet (need to find the link for this one)

Trackback in Radio [1].

July 22, 2003 Comments Off on Trackback in Radio [1].

Trackback in Radio. Good morning from San Francisco. Had dinner last night with Jake Savin, talked about lots of development issues with Radio, Manila, Frontier. There was some confusion about Trackback in Radio. There’s a common bit between Frontier and Radio, apps.trackback. The part was released for Radio, with no explanation. Not cool. So the …

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