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feathery touches

June 6, 2004 Comments Off on feathery touches

you’ve captured my heart (jesse) roses love petals figured you out roaming hair on your face lips upon my eyes hearts moon eclipses water drops splashing playing drinking soapy hands hot shower running through the park shy exploring feathery touches upon the soul

df inspired

February 2, 2004 Comments Off on df inspired

temptations of a fire hidden desire lies within the opportunity of a kiss a vision of a wink spark of creativity kisses on back sensations along the spine the smile within the eyes daydreaming beyond reality the needs of a woman simple pleasures of a neck rub the touch of his hands overload into ectasy …

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PC Magazine Article about Radio

December 14, 2003 Comments Off on PC Magazine Article about Radio

I found this interesting article last night in PC Magazine about Blog Tools and Radio Userland was the third one mentioned and discussed. What I found interesting is that Radio Userland was mentioned as one of the blog tools available..there is a summary of features from various blog tools that is available for download here

the willies

December 4, 2003 Comments Off on the willies

somedays are like yesteryear in my mind winter days, rainstorms the feel of a lover’s arm wrapped in sensous tenderness next to the fire A time to need, a time to want what wasn’t there before and still isn’t there today A feeling, a ghost of a lover’s past wrapped in pain, wrapped in love …

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Cleansing Spell Needed

November 16, 2003 Comments Off on Cleansing Spell Needed

I need a good cleansing spell for my new office..I still feel like there is a lot of negativity in there and around me..any suggestions?  

new test for radio discussion…

November 1, 2003 Comments Off on new test for radio discussion…

new test for radio discussion board navigator links preferences   left aligning the navigator links..think I figured it out, need to change the align inside the #hometemplate itself, right before the navigator link itself..and the #template?? <td width=”100%” align=”center“><p><%navigatorLinks%></p> change to <td width=”100%” align=”left“><p><%navigatorLinks%></p> nope didn’t work

presence in the deep blue sea

October 12, 2003 Comments Off on presence in the deep blue sea

waiting til he feels the need waiting for him to see waiting for all eternity waiting to hear his voice feel his presence in the deep blue sea why is she waiting why isn’t she making the move she is afraid yet she has needs needs to feel him needs to talk to him needs …

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majestic lace

September 23, 2003 Comments Off on majestic lace

a lover waits upon the hour searching for the one she loves layers of majestic lace swirling at her feet in shimmering energy of magick hypnotic gaze of her lovers moving around the circle feeling the power of the heavens as she watches the rain come down washing her, enveloping her, cleaning her soul baring …

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tears on a river

September 23, 2003 Comments Off on tears on a river

tears on a river silently flowing through the night hidden from view hidden from all who care pain swept under the earth hidden deep inside the caverns of her life where did it began? why won’t it end? what has thou felt in the light of each new day? the knot slowly forming never ending …

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Witches Weekly Questions for September…

September 3, 2003 Comments Off on Witches Weekly Questions for September…

Witches Weekly Questions for September 02, 2003: Herbal Remedies   1. What is your favorite herb, it’s use, and why? Valerian, tea, great for aches and pains and migranes 2. What was the first herbal concoction that you ever made? Tea for migrane or something for a sunburn..can’t really remember 3. What is your favorite …

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