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hanging out with schnarfelpopper and wafflepants

September 18, 2007 Comments Off on hanging out with schnarfelpopper and wafflepants

Schnarfelpopper and wafflepants decided to take a walk, where they were going no one knows. Who they were….we haven’t figured that out yet, but something tells me we will towards the end. As they walk along their boardwalk, they discuss having a PHP page that loads and displays that individuals blog from a MySQL database, …

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a fire warrior

July 22, 2007 Comments Off on a fire warrior

like a fire on the horizon she descends upon the midnight sky a lone warrior in her heart alone again to face the world dancing in her own circle admist the chaos of her mind

get specific

June 17, 2007 Comments Off on get specific

I’ve been staring at this phrase for over two weeks now, “get specific” with no inspiration coming and now I understand why I pulled that card, get specific, notice the things around you, notice the people around you, damn it, don’t just let life pass you by. Tonight my oldest cat died of chronic renal …

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switch media

May 28, 2007 Comments Off on switch media

switch media, left, right, upside down, right side up, switch media, brainstorming from the observation deck, tonight’s card: switch media or maybe switch medium which makes perfect sense, I started out wanting to paint the floors but switched medium because of an issue with the concrete slab, long story but you can’t paint over tar, …

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magick, dreams, whispers

April 1, 2007 Comments Off on magick, dreams, whispers

Relax, let the magick happen Upon the winds of dreams and the whispers of our enchanted souls let the magick flow

purry furries

August 2, 2006 Comments Off on purry furries

moonbeams of the night sky shine upon the mouth of the whispercave where purry furries dance and surround her with shimmering light being too furry in one’s house has its advantages

design testing

November 12, 2005 Comments Off on design testing

testing design, I think I got the black line to disappear and change the title a little to match Monica’s personality and deleted one of the frogs, oops lets try that again, damn I screwed it up, guess it time to get off the computer and go out, fixed it

Testing Frog Design

November 9, 2005 Comments Off on Testing Frog Design

testing new theme for monica – a frog theme, now all we need to do is get her to switch to Radio 🙂 test2 last test, then time for bed tweaking thoughts/to do/to finish on design center right column fix font sizes create frog permalink graphics figure out how to get the black line from …

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the soul of a dreaming person

June 12, 2005 Comments Off on the soul of a dreaming person

She stands in the doorway looking out not really seeing but daydreaming pushing farther and farther into her imagination as the butterflies swim in the sky she rides the air into the night a whisper among the wind a light among the stars she dreams of awakened souls the energy bouncing lightly upon her skin …

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dream with the fishes

June 4, 2005 Comments Off on dream with the fishes

dream with the fishes fly with butterflies make love in the rain lie in the sun stare at the sky take time for yourself just stop the chaos breathe and dream take a deep breath and dream with the fishes slight modification to the poem