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the tempest

May 3, 2003 Comments Off on the tempest

drizzling ice across the hot desert of your soul winds tempting at the gateways to pleasure savoring every inch of the gentle rain falling upon hot waves of passion riding the storm of friendship dancing along the path of intimacy leading to a connection strings of hope, love and laughter  

a story untold…

April 25, 2003 Comments Off on a story untold…

a kiss upon the secret winds of Isis Wynn…the sexy magick waves of mystery only a fool would give up the chance to seek the truth, explore the wonders of a world unknown, a coast a world away yet so close and the chance to know someone face to face a kiss in the night, …

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Is the door open or closed?

April 15, 2003 Comments Off on Is the door open or closed?

If I knock on your door, would you let me in? Possibilities beginning…sharing innermost sexual desires… but….I want to know the real you..the quiet you.. the curl up and read a good book you the writer…the actor… and even the everyday you I want to find the sweet desire within you I want to share …

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HTML Codes

April 12, 2003 Comments Off on HTML Codes

Actually the best HTML code reference I have found is on WebMonkey However whenever you change your text in Radio, the source code for: font color looks like this <FONT color=blue>Font Color </FONT> bolding looks like this:   <STRONG>BOLD</STRONG> italizing looks like this:  <EM>ITALIC</EM> which are some of the codes that I use when changing my font colors or …

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Never fish

March 29, 2003 Comments Off on Never fish

Never fish him but come dazzle me For I can pick velvet circles from clouds Devour words like porcelain joy Color vast ice pictures For time may live free Never fish him but come dazzle me

The Peach

March 26, 2003 Comments Off on The Peach

Like silk upon the water kissing your soul Sucking slowly passionately seductively within Intensely licking, tasting, exploring every inch of the spine Soft lips nibbling the hidden nectar the suculent sweet juices entering your mouth Lightly trailing your tongue along the flesh as you taste every bit of its moisture.

Secret Winds of Heaven Dance

February 2, 2003 Comments Off on Secret Winds of Heaven Dance

Secret Winds fill the air like the mist swirling at her feet She feels the heat rising upon her breasts as the water flows through the valley. The slight swelling under her navel as the steam rises from the valley floor. As the night wind closes around her, her soul reaches out to for her …

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Love's Magick

June 22, 2002 Comments Off on Love's Magick

love’s magick sweet dreams in heaven opportunities within feeling like a child butterflies dancing round yummy delights the laughter of children the smile of a baby the snuggle of a cat the chirp of a bird life’s magick abound serendipity, the chance of fate twinkle in the stars love’s magick all around take a chance …

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Get Inside the Outside

May 30, 2002 Comments Off on Get Inside the Outside

I’m totally attracted to you Come in to my world turn me on…don’t be long feed your desire you know you love it never gonna stop dancing round round spinning in my head silent thoughts moving through the breeze… get up get out get inside the outside get up get out get in get the …

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Pink Stardust

May 22, 2002 Comments Off on Pink Stardust

Pink stardust floating in the air within the windows of your soul One kiss and we shall know Who knows where it lies, in the truth of the heart or in the path of fate? One kiss and you shall know What is desire but the fulfillment of our imaginations? Let go and find your …

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