Stop Whining, Start Changing

I’m not one for politics but then again, I think the crying and whining and anger over Trump winning the presidency it just plain stupid. What did the buildings that people are defacing in Oakland or the crowds blocking the freeways and the commute traffic have to do with Trump winning? California actually has 55 electoral votes of which 62% voted for Hillary.

We, the people, our votes don’t count but then again if you’re one of the whiners and you didn’t bother to vote, you have no right to be an ass. I do think and agree with Russell Brand, that in order for the world to change, we needed a climax and 4 more years of the same old crap with Hillary, wouldn’t have changed a damn thing. Sure Trump is a moron and shouldn’t be president (I didn’t vote for either of them) but then again I believe that what we need is real change, abolish the electoral voting system, it’s outdated and doesn’t work. We have the internet now and every single person that votes should have their vote counted. And can we please all sign the same petition – or just sign here, here and here and here

So people say they are grieving and anger over how they feel like they are living in enemy territory now, that their neighbors are ugly or horrible people for their beliefs, that there are fundamental difference in how people view other people – I call bullshit.  The people I call my friends are still my friends, they may have different beliefs than I do but doesn’t make then less of a person.

And if you are grieving because as a nation you feel that their was a missed opportunity to choose the beauty and decency of being human to one another, stop whining and be that decency to your fellow neighbors and friends, start small, start working on change in your immediate circle.

Your vote didn’t really count anyways, so why are you whining now? Help fix a broken system. We have 4 years to fix it, start now!