Crazy Does as Crazy Wants

crazy lady scoops all the dog poo on her yard and puts it on other neighbors front door pathway, all the while another neighbor2 watches (but doesn’t think to record it). Neighbor1 comes home, steps in and becomes enraged, scoops it all up and throws it back on crazy lady’s door. Apparently yelling match ensues this morning (I sleep through it all) and crazy lady threatens to kill neighbor1’s dog and him (several other neighbors saw the exchange) and he wants to know if he should call the police. Hell Yeah! but somehow I’m to blame because crazy lady hates me and neighbor1 and me are friends. I’ve never done anything to her except build a fence between our homes (my out of pocket cost, she didn’t pay for it). Ok, yea, so I wanted a cute fairy door between the fence, she didn’t like that concept, so it got nailed shut. I fixed it and the gaps between the fence. Personally, I didn’t like the gaps anyways, I wanted some privacy too but seriously is that a reason to hate me? Nope, but crazy does as crazy wants.  But back to crazy poo saga, seriously – if you don’t want dogs or animals or people in your yard – build a fucking fence around it. I don’t like it when dogs poop in my yard but  do you see me taking all that poop and putting it in another person’s yard? No! because common sense and neighborly conduct in my opinion says to scoop that shit up and throw it away. Not only have she now scooped up the poop and carried across my property – thereby trespassing on my property and dropped some on the way but she has enrage the neighbor that will never let it go and has a temper. Crazy people have issues. Maybe she’s lonely or having some kind of PSTD or maybe she likes the drama but she picked the wrong person to play who likes the drama more – him or her. Because now I will have to hear about this forever and he won’t let it go.

She doesn’t seem to like people very much, she pissed off most of the neighbors in one way or another. Just maybe she should have moved to remote location where she didn’t have close neighbors and maybe she still should. I have no issues with her in general except for all the negativity that oozes out of her. I liked my neighborhood before she moved here, now I don’t feel safe with her crazy here. I don’t feel that my cats are safe with her here – she’s threatened to capture them all and take them to the pound and have them put down. What kind of person who has her own animals would threaten that? Instead of being negative, how about say hi once in a while, put on a happy face and chill! And don’t engage Neighbor1 – trust me, let it go.